Being together with sweets for the future. We respond to the changing times.
We have always believed in the potential of sweets for growing up.


March 2000

At Foodex, we found Thai butterscotch and coffee candy and started product development.

June 2000

Business trip to Thailand to visit the supplier’s factory and trade fair.

September 2000

Launched the first NS overseas PB product “Butterscotch, Coffee Candy”.
It had been doing well since its launching, and later became a big hit.

February 2001

Released the second NS overseas PB product “Fruit Jam Cookie”. Record another hit following Butterscotch and Coffee Candy.

September 2001

50 people traveled to Shanghai, China to conduct market research.
At the same time, NS Co., Ltd. appealed itself to Chinese manufacturers at an event hosted by Food News.

November 2001

Traveled to China for the first visit to manufacturers.

March 2002

Launched the first NS overseas PB imported product “Cream Sand Cracker”.
This was the first item to handle by direct import.

June 2002

Established NS International Co., Ltd. Moved office from Fukuyama to Osaka.
All products handled are shifted to direct import from manufacturers.
Launched an outsourcing center and started to have inventory.

November 2002

Monthly sales exceeded 100 million yen for the first time.

February 2003

Launched “Coconut Cracker”. Recorded a big hit from the beginning of the release.
Later, it recorded the overwhelming No. 1 distribution volume among all domestic PB and overseas PB items.
It became a historic blockbuster product.

March 2003

Exhibited at Supermarket Trade Show and Foodex.

September 2003

Moved warehouse to Osaka Nanko.

June 2004

25 people visited Chicago to inspect Candy Expo.

September 2004

Exhibited at “Sweets China” in Shanghai. 50 people visited the exhibition and manufacturers’ factories.

July 2005

Increased capital from 90 million yen to 140 million yen.

April 2006

Opened NSIN Shanghai Office. (Later closed in March 2010)

January 2007

Registered store contract started with new initiatives. The number of contract companies expanded to 617, 599% compared to the previous year.

April 2007

Invited customers to the Canton Fair, held a mini-exhibition, and received 13 container orders.

February 2008

Problem in Chinese dumpling was discovered. Export restrictions and pre-export inspections by Chinese authorities became strict.
The number of items supplied by Chinese products dropped sharply.

May 2008

Exhibited for the first time at Thai Fex (Thailand’s international trade fair).

July 2010

Worked with two retailers to start development of corporate PB, and another two retailers handled the same product.


March 2011

3.11 Due to the impact of the earthquake, there was a shortage of domestic products, demand for overseas PBs increased at a stretch, and special demand for the earthquake occurred.
We received donations from overseas manufacturers, and NSIN also donated the donations.

February 2012

Training in Taiwan was held and 16 customers from 12 companies were invited.
14 members from 7 NS wholesalers, 1 from sales headquarters, and 3 NSIN employees participated.

July 2012

Established MD booth for the first time in Grandex, set up dedicated corners for 3 overseas manufacturers,
CEOs of NS wholesale company participated and fair marked big succeess.

September 2012

Three new Belgian chocolate bar items were released, which was a record sale.
A new transaction form (development and import agency business of PB) for two retailers has started.

November 2012

Moved warehouse to Nankonaka Distribution Center to reduce logistics costs.

August 2017

Conducted overseas inspection training. Invited customers to visit Vietnamese manufacturers.

August 2018

Conducted overseas inspection training. Invited customers to visit Malaysian manufacturers.

April 2019

Achieved 100 million yen in sales rebate for NS wholesalers.