Tokyo or Kobe

We hold exhibition every year to introduce new products and sales floor proposals to business partners nationwide.

An exhibition as a culmination of product development & planning capabilities! That is “Grandex”.
We hold the private and national brand exhibitions every year from June to July in Kobe or Tokyo, bringing together the collective strengths of the NS Group, such as introducing new PB products, proposing sales methods, and proposing special events. .. It started as a special exhibition (special company exhibition) in 1986 and has been held every year. By proposing products/sales plans that meet the needs of the times, we have been well evaluated by our customers.


The Supermarket Trade Show (55th in 20201), which is held at Makuhari Messe every February, is an exhibition specializing in business negotiations for professionals that sends the latest information to the distribution industry centered on supermarkets. As NS Group, we exhibit a booth with the concept of “creating sweets culture for tomorrow.” We have received high praise from many buyers of domestic retailers mainly supermarkets, trading companies, and overseas.